Technologies Case studies
Technologies Case studies
Concept and Design

The R&D center has the professionals in product design, forming technology, process technology and mould technology.

We can use hand drawing to quickly describe the product shape, color and idea expected by customer, study the feasibility and analyzing the design scheme. Our service covers everything from conceptual design to technical design.

3D Model and Simulsation

After complete the 3D model structure design, we can use the 3D printer to quickly build the physical model, for analyzing and simulating the original idea of the design. At the same time, simulation technology is used to help our engineers understand better the core design and quickly diagnosis the design problem. Our designers can start to optimize and adjust the model even before building the pilot mold, this is more cost and time effective.

Material and Process Design

After years of practice and application, we have accumulated rich experience and application cases in material application, providing customers with different packaging solutions. Our R&D team will set up production parameters at the beginning of the project, so as to meet the quality standards expected by customers. The process is continuously optimized during production until the quality is stable and the production efficiency is maximized.

Product Realization

Our company is committed to the produce the plastic packaging products with safety, environmental friendly, high-grade, shape diversification, functional integrity. And these packaging products are to served the global Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical Household and Personal Care industries.