Technologies Case studies
Technologies Case studies

VOCs control facilities

Southern Packaging Group actively responded to the requirements of environmental protection, pay attention to the comprehensive control of VOCs discharge, and implemented relevant work from three aspects of source control, production process management and discharge governance, which achieved great results.

For the control of VOCs discharge from printing process, we invested over 40 million RMB, cooperated with foreign professional VOCs control company, introduced the world's most advanced flexible packaging VOCs treatment system, and adopted the treatment process of “Zeolite runner concentration + RTO combustion + residual heat utilization". The VOCs purification efficiency reached over 95%, and the designed total VOCs emission concentration was 50mg/m³, which compliance with Guangdong Provincial Standard of DB844-815-2010 requirements (120mg/m³).

  • 40+MillionsInvestment (RMB)
  • 95+%VOCs purification rate
  • 50mg/m3VOCs emission concentration