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Wheel Blow Molding Technology


3 Layer Co-Extrusion W&H PE Blow Line

The company has one of the world’s most advanced 3 Layer Co-Extrusion PE film blowing machine line manufactured by Germany’s Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation (W&H). This machine has a P-2 automated mold head and PE thickness automatic controller system that ensure uniform thickness across the film. The company’s own PE formula is capable of producing various high quality films to meet all types of customer requirements for lamination which include PE film’s low and high sealing temperature and anti pollutant.

Printing Machine

Southern Packaging housed 6,9 and 12 colors Rotogravure printing machines from Fuji’s KIKAI KAGYO (Japan). All Rotogravure printing machines are equipped with an advanced computerised-controlled color registration system and online display system. This can ensure excellent quality in every print under the low film tension condition to provide the high speed printing with different flexible and paper materials.
Among the printing machines, there is a few which has an electronic axle print that has the capabilities of high printing speed up to 200 meters per minute.


Lamination Machines

The company has several dry laminators and extrusion laminators imported from Japan. These machines are capable of meeting high quality lamination film requirements. We also have imported solvent-less laminator from Europe which provides environmental friendly packaging solution for our customers. Southern Packaging is one of the leaders in the packaging industry to invest in leading packaging technologies.

Bag Making Machines

Southern Packaging have acquired different kinds of pouch making machines, zipper machines and slitting machines which create built-in and easy to open feature for sachets and bags within the automatic system from Japan. These facilities are capable of meeting all pouches requirements from our MNC clients.

These pouch making machines can provide different kinds of shape bag which includes 3-side seal pouches with or without zipper, stand-up pouches, four sides pouches with fin seal and also provide different shape of hang hole and tear notch.