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We Look After You Because We Care

2019-6-3          Views:478

      As the packaging materials supplier of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, Southern Packaging Group Limited (“the Company”) pay attention to the legal and regulatory requirements at any time. On the other hand, the Company is committed to the social and ethical responsibility, including employee’s health.
      Gaoming Production Base of the Company arranged physical examinations (“the Examination”) for employees on 16 May, 2019. The Examination created a good chance that every employee could knew their healthy condition clearly. Through the Examination, the Company has gotten more effective information in order to optimize employee’s welfare policies.
Every employee is encouraged to regularly participate in fitness programs organized by the Company. The Company wants every employee to truly take care of themselves and their families. The health of employees is the best product for the Company and its customers.
      We look after every employee and are proud of them. Because we care.