Talent concept
Employment Philosophy

Southern Packaging believes that people are the main driving force of any business. It is the people that organization relies for its existence. That is why the company takes every effort to effectively manage its organization from recruitment, training and employing. By putting the right person in the most right position, he is able to maximize the use of his skills and talent ensuring a long and steady development for the organization.

The company put emphasis on “Proper selection, Cultivating talent and Developing his full potential”. Southern Packaging offers a good platform, for employees to do their best and grow opportunities for those who are willing to take up the challenge.


Employment Strategy

The company adopts the “People -Oriented”. The philosophy works on the following principle;

- Recruitment selection based on talent, skill, character and passion

- Maximum use of one’s skills and abilities

- Continuous skill development according to its Philosophy

The company annually recruits graduates from well-know universities across the country to ensure constant pool of talent.


Cultivating Talent Strategy

The company recognize the importance of professional development, opportunities for growth and career advancement in an employee’s career

Southern Packaging is committed in creating a good and harmonious working environment for its employees, providing various self- development trainings, and ensures constant growth and development for its employees.